Codes and standards are provided as links found below. In the State of California, the most common codes generally include the State Labor Code and specific Window Washing Codes under GISO Title 8, Articles 5 and 6.

US Federal Window Washing Codes

Powered Platform Installations, 1910.66
Requirements for permanently installed powered platforms (dedicated to building)

Existing Installations (Mandatory), 1910.66 App D
For Buildings constructed between August 27, 1971 and no later than July 23, 1990

OSHA Interpretation: 09/04/1996
An installation which has permanent davit arms and davit bases, but does not have a powered platform; a rental stage is brought in for maintenance

OSHA Interpretation: 10/01/1998
Powered Platforms; Suspension height limits for transportable outriggers

Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders