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Project Spotlight | Devon Energy Building

Devon BMUDevon BMU with Temporary PlatformDevon Building

In 2013, Sky Rider completed the installation of window washing equipment at the Devon Energy Corporation Headquarters. Located in downtown Oklahoma City, the building is an iconic, 50-story, 1.8-million-square-foot office tower, comprising nearly 1.8 million square feet of office and amenity space. Devon Energy Corporation, the largest U.S.-based independent oil and natural gas producer.

The window washing at the complex required a full range of equipment from ground based to roof top mounted davits and sockets to specialized interior monorail systems. Most significant however, is the Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) permanently located in the center of the tower rooftop. Weighing in at 97,000 lbs. with a maximum outreach of 92 feet, the BMU allows service of the entire tower’s facade. The BMU features automated work position indication, digital control through conductors in the wire ropes and an auxiliary hoist. The auxiliary hoist operates from platform controls to assist in glass replacement.

To read more about the Devon Energy Building and to download a project PDF, please visit the project page here.

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400 S. Hope Project

The 400 S. Hope Project in Los Angeles is well under way.  Sky Rider’s crane, the TX50, was installed on its own scaffold to provide additional lifting height to clear the 20’ tall parapet.  An existing davit was used for the assembly of the scaffold and crane.  Track and other materials were later brought to the roof using this crane. Crane 400 S. Hope

With the crane operational, installation of the track on the newly installed support structure was underway. The track installation includes an elevator which allows the Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) to be lowered for storage. Where necessary, a temporary davit support was welded to the support structure for lifting the track sections into place.

Track Being Installed at 400 S. Hope

Follow the progress of the BMU installation on our Newsletter / Blog. We expect to have weekly updates. At the end of the project, we will have a web page dedicated to this project along with a downloadable PDF.