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Custom BMU Provides Solutions to LA Hotel

The New Otani Hotel The New Otani Hotel The New Otani Hotel The New Otani Hotel The New Otani Hotel The New Otani Hotel Originally built in 1975, The New Otani Hotel, in downtown Los Angeles was designed with no means of providing window washing. Thirty years later, Sky Rider was hired to provide a window washing system to the 255 foot tall, 21-story structure. Several major challenges were immediately apparent:

a) no means for raising equipment to the rooftop would be available

b) the parapet was 15 feet high

c) a helipad was present, somewhat higher than the parapet, creating a clearance problem in two locations

d) the 21st floor was cantilevered out in four locations. Most of the East elevation was cantilevered as were three additional corners

To access all but one of the cantilevered corners a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) with platform was provided. The BMU was designed with an articulating “approach system” to bring the platform in under the building cantilever.

Click here to continue reading about the solutions Sky Rider found to the interesting challenges at The New Otani Hotel. A detailed PDF download of the project is also available on the project page.