Custom BMU in Westwood, CA

Built in 2008, The Carlyle Residences Westwood is a 24 story tower at the west end of the Wilshire Corridor, that Sky Rider became involved with in the early design stages. Due to the layout of the roof and need for a helipad which effectively split the roof in half, two Building Maintenance Units (BMU’s) were originally called for. As a cost savings measure, Sky Rider’s design team, working closely with the consultant and general contractor were able to provide a single BMU system that would travel under the helipad to access both sides of the roof.

The following is the step by step installation process of this unique BMU. [jcolumns inbordercss="1px dotted gray"] Step 1. The BMU was completely assembled and tested in the factory prior to shipping.     Step 3. The track was clamped to the support pedestals and the clamp bolts were torqued in place.     Step 5. Shown here is the base being lowered between the two motorized wheel assemblies where they will be bolted together.     Step 7. The assembly continued by bringing each component to the roof and installing it in its proper place using the construction crane.     Step 9. BMU traveling under the Helipad from East to West side of the building. Two operators are necessary to adjust for tight clearances.     Step 11. Commissioning of the installation includes a complete run-through of the machine at each work position. [jcol/] Step 2. As the BMU was being shipped, the track support pedestals and track was installed by Sky Rider’s Crew.   Step 4. The BMU was disassembled at the factory and shipped to the site in two containers.     Step 6. The boom was partially assembled on the ground before raising to the roof.       Step 8. Underside of the Helipad.         Step 10. A telephone is available for communications at track level to the suspended platform.       Step 12. Final testing of the BMU before demonstration to owner and consultant. [/jcolumns]