Metropolis | New Project Update

news-rendering Metropolis is a multi-use high-rise complex of buildings located in downtown Los Angeles.

Sky Rider has been contracted to provide window washing equipment on the four main towers. The use of BMU’s (Building Maintenance Units) has become the new normal for window washing equipment on modern high-rise buildings and these buildings are no exception. Highlighted here is the most recent BMU installation on this complex. As can be seen on the attached drawings and photographs, the BMU performs multiple actions including traversing, vertical telescoping for storage, horizontal telescoping for varying outreach and platform rotation to access every window of the complex façade. The platform spans 38 feet of façade.

Martin Villegas (President) and Carl Gray (Founder) pose in front of the BMU. It is currently in use for construction activity. Note that the building in the background is the 73 story Wilshire Grand tower now in completion with a Sky Rider supplied BMU. Watch for future news on this installation.