Sky Rider Newsletter | March 2014

400 S. Hope Updates

Design specifications required that the Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) does not rise above the existing parapet while not in use. A two part system was required to accomplish this. The first consists of an independent elevator system (Photo 1) and the second is a telescoping mast (Photo 2) as an integral part of the BMU. The elevator supports a section of track that, when the BMU is engaged above it, may be lowered for storage. The elevator is hydraulically operated with two rack and pinion gears interconnected through a drive shaft to keep the assembly level and stable.

400 S. Hope Elevator

The mast also has a hydraulically actuated, telescoping, mast to provide additional height which allows clearance for the platform as it passes above the parapet as it moves into its various work positions on the building façade.

400 S. Hope Telescoping Mast

Photo 3, below, shows the BMU fully assembled and functional. Shown here, on the main track and at full height, the process of bringing the platform to the roof will begin. In future installments this procedure will be highlighted along with further details of the BMU operation.

400 S. Hope BMU

Additional News

Sky Rider is proud to announce the upcoming installation of two new BMU’s on the Century City Towers in Los Angeles. The towers are 571 feet in height and were completed in 1975. These towers have been a famous part of the West Side sky line since their construction. In the 1980’s detective series, Remington Steele, the towers were depicted as their headquarters. Numerous commercials have been shot using the towers as a backdrop and, most recently, The Green Hornet featured scenes in which the towers appeared prominently.

The original window washing equipment, now almost 40 years old, has become difficult to service and is in need of replacement. In addition, the existing equipment only accessed the window wall while the new BMU’s will also allow access to the aluminum corner panels without additional equipment. Stay tuned for photos and updates.

The Towers