Sky Rider's New Company Logo

When Sky Rider first opened its doors for business, its primary sales were products such as the Tirak Hoist, Alta Platforms and other products sold by Griphoist based near Boston, Massachusetts. With approval from Griphoist, we used the exact font and style they used for their logo and added the image of the Alta Platform below it to create a seamless image tying us to those products. Over the course of 30 years, Sky Rider has continued sales of the Tirak hoist but has developed many of its own products including a modular platform for dedicated permanent installations. In addition, during the last 10 years, we have been selling “Building Maintenance Units” imported from Spain. As reflected in the many website pages dedicated to these unitized “BMU’S”, they have become an important part of Sky Rider’s business model

With my retirement and Martin Villegas taking over the reins of the company, Martin felt that a new logo would be indicative of the many incremental changes and improvements made over the years leading to this major transition.

This new logo incorporates the look of the new platform as well as the crane-like appearance of the typical BMU.

Carl W. Gray CEO Emeritus

Sky Rider New Logo