Window Washing Replacement at AON Center Building

AON Center AON Center In 2008 Sky Rider was selected as the contractor to replace the 37 year old window washing machine at AON Center, LA’s second tallest building at 61 stories and 858 feet in height. The system had been refurbished numerous times over the years, but this would be the first time an entirely new window washing machine would be installed at the uniquely designed building.

The Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) was manufactured by Gondolas in Design (GinD) located in Madrid, Spain. Working in concert with Sky Rider, GinD formulated a design that would work properly with the unusual facade features. As seen in the photo above, the curtain wall slopes inward at the top of the building while the corners remain vertical. This creates the need for a platform center section that moves forward (into the corner) as the platform descends at each of the four corners.

Because of the building height and the congestion of downtown Los Angeles, both a crane and a helicopter was ruled out as means to get the new BMU to the roof. Instead, the machine was designed to allow bringing it, in component parts, through the building using the freight elevator to the 61st floor.

Sky Rider installed its temporary crane on the roof to assemble the machine onto the existing track. The location for the crane was selected to enable us to lift the component parts from the 61st floor to the roof (up two floors) over the guard rail and onto the track.

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