Sunset & Vine Tower

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Completion Date: 2009
Basic Equipment List: Building Maintenance Unit (BMU)

The Sunset and Vine Tower in Hollywood was built in 1963. Even though it is in a prime location, it had been uninhabitable since a 2001 electrical fire required its closure. CIM Group acquired the property in 2003. After yet another fire in 2005 CIM Group removed both the interior and exterior down to the building framework. Renovation was completed in 2009.

The building has several unique requirements, including a high parapet with difficult access and a billboard on each of the four elevations that protrudes four feet from the glass panels. Both the glass panels and the billboard itself required convenient access. The glass panels for cleaning and caulking and the billboard for continual changes in advertising.

Sky Rider’s solution was to provide a single integrated Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) that would address both conditions. The BMU traverses the building perimeter on a pair of vertically oriented I-beam tracks with a single return into the building for storage. In addition, the BMU rotates (slews) on its own axis, has twin arms that raise and lower the platform suspension points with a rotation device at the outermost point on the twin arms. These features allow the platform to be positioned for every possible work position on the facade.

Additionally, the platform has what is called an Approach System. This system allows the platform to be moved into or away from the facade, independent of the suspension points, as it descends the building facade to accommodate both the glazing and the billboard.