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Our Story

Based in Anaheim, California, Sky Rider was founded by Carl W. Gray in 1984 as an outgrowth of his glass business. As the glass company progressed into the high-rise segment of the industry, varied types of access equipment was utilized to perform glass replacement and waterproofing. It was found that, while there were several manufacturers of exterior building maintenance equipment, none provided reliable service for their equipment.

To overcome this obstacle, Carl founded Sky Rider Equipment Co., Inc., and became a dealer for a company located near Boston that provides hoists and other equipment for the high-rise access industry. That company is Griphoist, Inc. and the hoist is the well known Tirak. To this day, Sky Rider uses the Tirak hoist for its powered platforms and other hoisting needs.

Now with more than 75 employees and over 60 years of combined management experience in the industry, the company designs and manufactures facade access systems for new construction and existing buildings. This equipment includes davits and davit sockets, interior and exterior monorail track systems and mobile roof carriage systems. Sky Rider also provides expert installation of Building Maintenance Units (BMU’s) provided by Gondolas in Design. (GinD). These are world class BMU’s designed and built to the highest standards available.

In addition, Sky Rider offers a service department devoted to servicing its own equipment and equipment manufactured by others. Sky Rider currently services over 800 buildings in the Northern and Southern California areas as well as buildings in Nevada and Arizona.

Many of Sky Rider’s products and services are proudly displayed on this Website. You are freely welcome to browse the Website, download information and contact us with any questions you may have. Sky Rider Equipment Co., Inc. is California State certified under Scaffold Inspection and Testing (SIT) license #5 to provide inspection and repair services on permanently installed window washing systems. Our California State Contractors License is #464955.