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Building Maintenance Unit (BMU)

The Building Maintenance Unit, or BMU, is the ultimate solution for very tall and uniquely designed buildings. They can be installed on the main roof on a track system or on a fixed stationary position. Telescopic booms can be provided for out-reach to 130 feet and beyond. Because hoisting drums and motors are located on the roof, the platform is lightweight, and can be designed with special “approach” systems to position the platform underneath building overhangs. This system completely eliminates the need for support equipment, such as sockets and davits, on lower roofs or balconies.
The most common options offered with BMU’s are:
  • Platform Rotation
  • Pantograph Approach system for recess on façade
  • Slewing body
  • Telescoping and luffing booms for variable outreach
  • Folding booms for maneuvering and parking
  • Auxiliary winch system to change windows or lifting loads on roof
  • Phone between carriage and platform
  • Control through the center core of the suspension wire ropes, eliminating hanging power cords
  • Complete control of platform and BMU from both the roof level and on the platform
  • Removable platform, telescopic or custom designed
  • Water tanks on platforms
  • Restraint systems for buildings of more than130 feet in height.