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Wilshire Malcolm

Westwood, CA
BMU and Perimeter Track
Building Height

Originally considered for Sockets and Davits, the owners of Wilshire Malcolm recognized the significant advantages of a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU). Due to the number of lower level balconies and the need for owners’ privacy and convenience, the BMU offered significant advantages over a system using sockets and davits.

Perhaps most important on a high profile high-rise condominium project is avoiding any conflict with owners’ privacy. The BMU completely eliminates the need for workers to access owners’ premises or the need to store and rig equipment that would otherwise be located on balconies.

Secondly, the BMU is less costly to maintain and faster to set up and travel between work positions. This significantly reduces the cost for window washing and facade maintenance in both long and short term.

Sky Rider provided a single boom BMU with slewing and a rotating spreader bar for this project. Work also included installation of a complete perimeter track and intermittent stabilization devices (ISA’s) on the façade for wind sway protection.